Are you having a sports themed party on Frederick MD or in Maryland and want to have the opportunity to play the latest craze in dodgeball? Then rent this brand new Gaga pit rental from EkgameTime : Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit!

With an interior playing area of 15 feet by 15 feet, our Gaga Ball Pit can accommodate up to 20 players. Gaga pit  is a popular game at many camps and now it can be part of your special event! It’s great for all ages. It’s simple enough that kids love to play and it’s so much fun the adults can’t help but join in too!

If your party guests aren’t sure how to play, here’s where you can find an official copy of the rules. It’s similar to dodgeballl in the sense the players need to dodge from getting hit with the ball while other players try to strike them with the foam rubber ball below the knees. If you are hit with the ball, you’re OUT! After a while another ball gets added into the pit and the fun continues! The player who outlasts the rest is the winner!

Our Gaga Ball Pit Rental Maryland is the perfect sports party rental for many different types of events including graduation parties, outdoor picnics, corporate events, team building activities and much more!

*Parental Supervision Required*

If you are interested in this party rental for your next event call us now at 301-686-8491 or click on the button below and fill out the form