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EKGAMETIME Archery Maryland  is the Archery equivalent of Paintball and involves elements of Dodgeball and Laser Tag. We provide an inflatable battlefield and all playing equipment, including full paintball mask, real recurve bows, target spots and foam tipped ‘LARP’ safety arrows.

We operate a fully mobile Archery Tag service from Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan areas. We can help you source a location we have used around town!

The equipment and games are easy to use and our events are suitable for beginners to advanced archers. Throughout the course of your event we will run you through lots of fun game modes including Elimination, Team Death Match, Infection, Last Runner Standing and more.

We have equipment that caters to teenagers through adults, The impact of the arrows is less painful than paintball, but still enough of an impact to get your adrenaline flowing while playing.

We Bring the Games To You

Our staff will handle everything and there is no effort required on the host part . Our laser Tag system is the most advanced in the industry and with  it we serve the greater Washington DC metropolitan if you are looking for a hassle free . Yet engaging and exciting way to entertain guest at your upcoming Event , Birthdays  , School Events , Corporate Events , Churches , EKGAMETIME is the right business to call for your Laser Tag .











All Rentals Include

Game Master


Delivery To Your Door 

Setup and Cleanup

Quality Equipment



Equipment is Disinfected Before Each

Game Master Wear Mask

Game master Sanitize Frequently

All Instruction By Staff Are Socially Distanced

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt and is it safe?

The impact of our arrows is similar to that of a well hit tennis ball. In general, Archery hurts less than paintball and leaves no bruising.

The arrows we use have been safely used for years by Live Action Roleplay groups and further refined as Archery Dodgeball has become more popular as a sport. Our bows are powerful enough to have impact, without presenting any danger to participants. Safety masks must be worn at all times on the battlefield for added protection.

If your group is mostly juniors or particularly worried about the impact of the arrows we also offer softer tipped arrows and less powerful bows.

What is the minimum age?

We currently recommend Archery EKgametime for Ages 10+. That said, young participants may be allowed to join in (with parental permission) for certain events.

Are you guys come to Us ?

Yes , we are mobile and we travel to you , no need to make a trip . We our 100% mobile this is what make us Unique .

How far in advance should I book?

At Ekgametime we typically have a waiting list of 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your desired event date. For example, if your party is taking place on September 4th, chances are that date has already been fully booked by August 4th.

Our events are in high demand due to high quality experience our coordinators provide. We recommend booking your party as soon as you are sure of the date and time of your event.

What is your booking process?

Call us at 301-686-8491 or submit a rental request with the details of your rental and any questions you may have.

We’ll reach out to you to confirm our availability and answer any questions you may have. When you’re ready, we’ll then send an invoice which you can pay online.

We accept all major credit cards.

What should we wear ?

Sporting attire is recommended, with closed toe shoes a must. Dress according to the conditions. Bring plenty of water to rehydrate and remember to be sun smart.

Can I combine Archery Tag with other services?

Most definitely. Laser Tag can be combined with Bubble Soccer, Gelly Ball , Water tag , Archery tag and more ! Send us an enquiry and tell us about your event and we will put together a package that suits you.

What sort of location do we need?

Mobile laser Tag  can be played in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. The space required for the game is about that of a basketball court (25m x 15m).

Home : Backyard or all around the house are great for kids

Large parks/ovals, enclosed tennis courts, private properties and single court or netted off indoor sports courts make for great locations. Even large conference rooms and halls can be used.

We are happy to discuss and review any locations put forward. Or you might choose to sue one of our preferred locations around town.

What if the weather is bad?

Ekgametime Laser Tag can be played after the snow day but not on raining day , but we are more than happy to cancel or postpone your event in the event of an unfavourable forecast. We will generally contact you in the lead up to the event and discuss possibilities such as moving days, times or locations (potentially indoors) to avoid the weather.

Is there a deposit to reserve?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The rest of your payment is due at least 4 weeks before your rental. If you’re booking within 4 weeks of your date, full payment is required. You may also choose to pay in full at the time of booking.

Arrow Tag Pricing


1 Hour
  • Age 10 and Up
  • 10 Archery tag units
  • 8-10 pop-up bunker
  • Unlimited Player
  • Game Master/ Referees
  • Free delivery up to 45 mile from zip 21701


1 Hour
  • Age 10 and Up
  • 15 Archery tag units
  • Unlimited Player
  • 8-10 pop-up bunker
  • Game Master/ Referees
  • Free delivery game up to 45 mile from Zip 21701


1 Hour
  • Age 10 and Up
  • 20 Archery tag units
  • Unlimited Player
  • 8-10 pop-up bunker
  • Game Master/ Referees
  • Free delivery game up to 45 mile from Zip 21701


1.5 H
  • 2 Premium Games
  • 10 Laser tag units / 10 Archery Tag /10 Bubble Ball / Gelly Bal
  • 8-10 pop-up bunker
  • Game Master/ Referees
  • Free delivery game up to 45 mile from Zip 21701

Where To Play