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Welcome to EKGameTime

Emmanuel Kontchou is the Founder and owner of EKGameTime . It was started with a dream. A dream to make the world a better place. To bring people together in the spirit of a good time. We have a true passion for game Laser Tag , Bubble soccer , Archery tag and it shows in the events we host. We started playing the game back in 2012. We have played and watched the progression of the sport and how much joy it has created through out the world. Laser Tag has passed the test of time and we are proud to carry on the tradition of a game that can bring people together like none other.

Walt Disney believed in dreams and we are a company of dreamers. We want to create an environment where everyone can leave the regular world and play in ours.

We love our clients and guests and it shows through our personal interaction and caring for everyone as individuals. No one works for EKGameTime everybody plays for EKGameTime and you are welcome to come play too.

To Provide A Safe, Fun, Interactive Entertainment Experience That Everyone Can Enjoy.

To Become The World Famous Entertainment .

To Improve The Lives of Everyone We Come In Contact With.

The Mission of EkGameTime is to have a creative and fun environment. We pair exceptional client service with an incredible entertainment experience. We embrace diversity and treat each other with respect and dignity. We improve guests lives through social interaction, laughter and fun. We contribute to our community and we will help those in need. Through success we expand and make the world a better place. We provide a safe, fun, interactive entertainment experience that everyone can enjoy

1. Be Committed To Quality

2. Be Creative and Open Minded

3. Deliver Exceptional Client Service 4. Do More With Less

5. Embrace The Golden Rule

6. Experiment, Fail, Learn, Grow & Teach

7. Live the Vision & Have FUN!

8. Play On The Side of Weirdness

9. Take Care of the Team

10. Treat Everyone With Trust, Love & Respect